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MainStreet Of Fremont, Inc.
Job Description
The Mission of MainStreet Fremont is to improve the quality of life in Fremont by strengthening the historic downtown as the center of the community.

Executive Director Job Description

OVERVIEW:  Operates Main Street office. Organizes M/S Board and activates working committees. Attends all meetings and guides committee work plans. Holds annual visioning and planning sessions for boards and committees.  Makes regular calls on businesses and merchants in downtown district. Implements downtown revitalization within the context of Historic Preservation.  Assists individual tenants or property owners with physical improvement projects, provides Façade Grant information.  Works closely with the BID/City to encourage projects in downtown. Assists merchants with joint advertising and promotional events. Develops on-going public awareness and education programs designed to enhance appreciation of downtowns architecture and Historical significance. Works closely with other community organizations for small business promotion and education of the MainStreet program and mission.
OVERVIEW: Excellent communication and public relation skills.  Managerial abilities with strong administrative background.  Previous experience desired:  special event planning, small business development, volunteer recruitment.  Dynamic, outgoing team player.  Ability to multi-task. Work with both public and private sectors.
1.  Bachelor’s degree and (4) years experience preferred in administration, management and implementation of community development programs and/or economic development programs.
2.  Knowledge about downtown revitalization, redevelopment, financing, marketing, growth issues and technologies.
3.  Prior working experience with downtown development initiatives strongly preferred.
4.  Prior working experience with nonprofit organizations, local governments, and state agencies preferred.
5.  Demonstrated ability to collaborate well with people and maintain the MainStreet Fremont positive image is very important.
6.  Part-time (20-30 hours/week) position but capable of adapting to flexible hours during special projects.
7.  Must have proficient computer skills, including Microsoft Office, Excel, Power Point and publications software. Social Media and QuickBooks experience also preferred.
8.  Must be able to organize time and tasks, assessing priorities and exercising self-discipline to follow through in all work assignments.
9.  Demonstrated speaking and writing skills to project the positive and professional image of  MainStreet Fremont in all required correspondence, i.e. annual membership campaign, thank you letters to all donors, etc.
10.  Must be able to manage/evaluate one administrative assistant and provide effective work for volunteers.
11. Prior success in grant proposal development and management of grants/reporting a plus. 
General responsibilities:
As executive director, you will provide overall leadership, direction and administration of the programs and services provided by MainStreet Fremont. The executive director shall act as a duly authorized representative of the board in all matters. 
1.  Represents the organization at board meetings.
2.  Provides information and reports about organization operations.
3.  Seeks and provides advice and direction in conjunction with the board.
4.  Carries out directives of the board and communicates appropriate board information to the public, including the media. Acknowledges that the President is the official spokesperson of the organization and strives to provide an opportunity for the President or the President’s designee, such as the event’s or activities’ chair to speak directly with the media.
5.  Actively participate in educating, training and continually guiding the four committees of the program to accomplish their goals.
6.  Works with the board to develop and implement strategies for economic development and historic preservation in the program area. 
1.  Monitors, manages, and evaluates the fiscal performance of MainStreet Fremont to assure quality service within budgeted expenditures.
2.  Develops the annual capital and operating budget for MainStreet Fremont and monitors the receipts and expenditures with the board.
3. Supervises the business affairs of MainStreet Fremont to assure that its funds are expended to the best advantage possible.
4. Represents MainStreet Fremont in business negotiations; enters into business agreements/contracts on behalf of MainStreet Fremont with the President, who officially signs all agreements/contracts. 
1.   In conjunction with the board, develops, implements, assesses, and communicates strategic plans, including short-, medium-, and long-range goals of MainStreet Fremont, to ensure that community and organizational needs are being met.
2.  Develops and monitors annual operation/strategic plans. Oversees and implements fundraising measures to benefit the organization and its mission.
3.  Structures economic opportunities through the reuse of existing buildings in the program area to attract new business and develop viable marketplace enterprises.  
Community Affairs:
1.  Serves as liaison between the organization and the community, with charitable and other organizations, legislative bodies, and regulatory agencies.
2.  Promotes a positive organizational and personal image; is available to the public as well as media and maintains contact with individuals important to MainStreet Fremont.
3.  Stays abreast of downtown development/ needs and shifts, recommends and implements modifications to meet changing needs; manages government relations.
4.  Fulfills the requirements for the MainStreet Fremont program to retain the status of member of the Nebraska MainStreet Organization and member of the National MainStreet program. Attends any and all necessary trainings and meetings required. Prepares all necessary reports and work plans as necessary.
5.  Organizes downtown interests in a unified manner.  Implements communication/collaboration and problem solving skills with local business owners and city officials to achieve positive outcomes.
6.  Develops new and enhances existing economic opportunities in the downtown.
7.  Encourages and assists in the reuse of existing buildings and underutilized space.
8.  Develops public/private partnerships with public officials, retailers, real estate professionals and community groups.
9.  Analyzes community resources and develops strategies for achieving goals.
10.  Trains and motivates volunteers that serve as Directors, in committee or volunteering.
11.  Develops and maintains working databases of stakeholders and volunteers
12.  Develop and publish appropriate communications with stakeholders, Board of Directors, volunteers and the broader community (newsletters, brochures, social media, etc.)
13. Presents reports to City Council and other commissions, committees, organizations and boards as needed. 
1.  Demonstrates the ability to communicate orally with the board, the public, civic and governmental agencies.
2.  Demonstrates the ability to communicate effectively in written form.  
3.  Provides the leadership/professional image required for MainStreet Fremont program.  
The Executive Director shall address all other responsibilities pertaining to MainStreet Fremont as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.
Remit resume by August 15, 2018 to:  jgossett@fremonthealth.com
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