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Posted: 04/23/2023

We are hiring! Our team is seeking a motivated, precise and positive cook to join our kitchen staff. This can be a great learning opportunity for novice chefs who want to gain a wide variety of experience in the kitchen.
We are seeking individuals who:

  • can work between 20-40 hours per week
  • can spend long hours on their feet (standing, lifting, moving, etc.)
  • understand food preparation, and practice food safety and sanitation regulations
  • will arrive for their shift regularly, on time, and in the proper attire
  • work well with others and approach their work with a positive attitude
  • are willing to learn and can adapt quickly to changes
  • preferably, have experience working with pizzas and doughs in a commercial kitchen.

If you are interested, please contact Ken (call or text) at 402-490-2686 to fill out an application or submit your resumé today!