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Production Supervisor- 2nd Shift

Posted: 02/16/2023

The Assembly/Manufacturing 2nd shift Supervisor shall carry out all assigned production functions within their area while establishing and maintaining a culture that embraces continuous improvement, cycle time waste reduction, lean production techniques, quality, safety, and employee involvement.  The supervisor shall provide coaching and training to their team regarding quality, environmental and safety policies, procedures, and work instructions.  This shall include identifying the training needs of their team and develop the training methods, materials and schedules. Report training and team member qualifications as required utilizing Skills and Versatility Matrix.  This position has the responsibility of identifying and meeting production requirements, developing and implementing daily production schedules based on customer orders, and maintaining a culture of quality and safety while following all applicable laws, policies, and objectives.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Meet established requirements for production, i.e., making the product to customer specifications, and meeting scheduled shipping dates.
  2. Meet established quality goals and standards.
  3. Ensure all staff practice safe work habits at all times.
  4. Maintain 5S standards in his/her area of direct responsibility.
  5. Provide leadership and direction to employees under his/her direct responsibility.
  6. Work with the management team on customer complaints, quality issues, Non-conformance issues, process control, continuous improvement, Kaizen activities, and all policies and requirements of the governing version of current ISO certification.
  7. Oversee the flow of product through his/her area of responsibility.
  8. Embrace lean productivity techniques and work closely to implement such changes on a timely basis.
  9. Supervisory responsibility includes management of employee performance, hiring participation, time and attendance administration, discipline, development and recourse planning.
  10. Develop, analyze, and present monthly reports as required, including but not limited to forecasts, productivity, and safety.
  11. Complete all employee reviews with emphasis on performance and development of the team.