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Kennel Technician

Posted: 04/09/2023

Our Mission - The mission of Furever Home Inc. is to improve the lives of pets and their
owners through adoptions, fostering, owner support, training and education.
Position Description
The Kennel Technician position is responsible for providing quality care in a positive and
professional manner, abiding by all contractual commitments/obligations and aligned with our
mission The Kennel Technician is responsible for communicating, understanding and adhering
to all procedures, ensuring that all animals in FHI custody receive basic care, including
feeding/watering, medications, cleaning, enrichment, and training. The position responsibilities
include being knowledgeable, understanding and following proper intake and release
procedures including the timely completion of the necessary paperwork. The Kennel Technician
should monitor all animals for changes in behavior that may be an indication of injury, illness or
kennel stress and report these observations to the facility manager as soon as possible. The
Kennel Technician is responsible for knowing and adhereing to all safety procedures at all times.
Kennel Technician will take direction from and will report any medical, animal control or facility
issues to the Senior Kennel Technician on staff. The Senior Kennel Technician shall then be
responsible to follow the chain of command set out in their job description.
Clear, accurate and timely communication is a critical requirement of this position and
will be a key factor in assessment of future advancement or salary increases.
This position is responsible for working with all staff and volunteers, at all times in a professional
manner, communicating issues in a clear, accurate and timely manner.