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Fremont Commons Apartments - Certified Pool Operator

Posted: 03/17/2021

Looking for someone interested in taking care of the Fremont Commons swimming pool.  

Must be a Certified Pool Operator.  (If not we can get you signed up for the class.)
Looking for weekends and some weekdays.
Essential Functions: 
 Maintain water quality according to and above state standards including: 
 Required chemical checks every two hours during shift 
 Addressing all water chemistry issues
 Maintaining a vacuuming schedule for all bodies of water 
 Maintain a safe and clean pool deck area:
 Inspect safety equipment for proper placement and in date 
 No hazardous materials or objects present
 Keep deck organized and clear of debris 
 Maintain a washing schedule for all pool decks and deck furniture  
 Maintain a functional and organized pump room environment: 
  Filters are backwashed 
  Pump filter baskets are clear 
  Chlorine pumps are functional, lines are clean 
  Chemical Controllers are calibrated and functioning 
  Pump room is kept clear of debris 
  Materials are stocked, available and in their labeled area 
  Ensure Chemical room is up to code and stocked: 
  Chlorine barrels are full and present 
  Chemicals are stocked and in their labeled area
This is a temporary contracted position for the spring/summer pool season. Contact us today!